About Southern
  • Southern Textile Co., Ltd is located in the Industrial estate of Yow-Shy, Taichung, Taiwan. Since its establishment on September 14th , 1970, more than 40 years ago, the company has grown and prospered under the outstanding leadership of its President, Mr. Chin-Fu Lin.
    The company has extended its production lines to manufacturing Open End 100% Cotton Yarn, Open End 100% Rayon Yarn, Open End Cotton/Rayon Blended Yarn, and Nylon Draw Textured Yarn.
    Furthermore, the Company now boasts a total of 3 factories with a monthly production capacity of OE and DTY of around 6 million pounds and 800 tons respectively.
    The annual revenue of the Company is approximately US$80 million and the additional capacity is about US$52 million.The annual revenue of the Company is approximately US$80 million and the additional capacity is about US$52 million.
    Southern Textile Co., Ltd. is now the largest manufacturing company of Open End Yarn and Draw Textured Yarn in Taiwan. In spite of the huge production volume, the quality of material/goods is recognized in the industry as being the most stable production line in Taiwan.
    In addition, the Company was certified for I.S.O. / 9001:2008 for both EAQA and QMI standards in September 2002 and continues to maintain this approval.
    Besides investing solely in the textile industry, Southern Textile Co., Ltd. is also diversifying into the construction industry and is now in the process of applying for the construction rights of luxury residential buildings which will be located in the beautiful hillsides of central Taiwan offering magnificent views of the countryside.
  • Management Policy
    1. Quality Assurance.
    2. Good Service.
    3. Benefiting local masses population.
    4. Steady Operation.
    5. Diversification.
  • Production Characteristic
    High Efficiency * Professional Technology * Stable Quality
According to an article in the well established and popular Tain Xia Magazine issued on May 1st, 2004, Southern Textile Co., Ltd. was rated as being 546th of the 1000 biggest enterprises and was listed amongst the 500th biggest manufacturing enterprises, placing the Company in 35th place in the textile industry.